Red Pill

Corporate stuff
Founded in Spring 2014, Red Pill Insight & Marketing aims to be acknowledged as a leading provider of customer insight services, especially to new and established small and medium-sized companies.

Red Pill’s mission is straightforward: helping SMEs make informed marketing decisions by providing customer research and insight services. These services will be delivered enthusiastically, efficiently, and profitably, so that clients will not only have benefitted significantly from the engagement but will become firm advocates of Red Pill Insight, regularly calling upon Red Pill to assist in their continued operations.

And the reality?
Surprisingly enough, the above all rings true. But what isn’t necessarily conveyed in those words is the personal determination to make a real positive impact in client companies. Not only by providing practical insight to such companies, but also helping to instil an insight culture.

Don’t worry – there’s no Borg-like plan to ‘assimilate’ you. But we certainly do want you to see – and profit from – the inherent benefits of asking your customers and engaging with them to make more rounded and informed marketing decisions. We’ll say it again: it really is common sense stuff. Start your journey today!

Far be it for us to get on a soapbox, but it’s a tough world out there. You need all the help you can get to succeed. Some good luck (if you believe in that) would be welcomed too. If Red Pill can help companies to survive and prosper in this dynamic and unpredictable environment, then we’re happy too.


So who’s running the show?
Expecting a webpage full of employee photos with a list of their favourite football team, food, type of music and whatever else underneath? You won’t find it here. Seriously: what’s the point?

That’s fine on a social networking site but you don’t choose an agency on the basis of which staff members look ‘more fun’ than those from other agencies (there’s that Red Pill realism rearing its head again). At least we hope not for your sake!

Leading from the front however is Brian Gray, an ambitious and committed marketer and insight specialist, with many years of agency experience under his belt in major customer research agencies, marketing consultancies along the way as well as time as an independent consultant.

With a wide array of knowledge and experience in research/insight, brand creation and management, copywriting, design, social media, marketing planning and execution, PR and CRM in both B2B/B2C environments, Brian is a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, former Committee Member of the Market Research Society R-Net networking group and regular business networker. Naturally he is comfortable forging relationships with senior level stakeholders, discussing marketing, research and wider business issues.

See reality…through your customers. Take the Red Pill