Customer Survey Review Service

Red Pill Insight+Marketing is committed to providing ambitious customer-focused SME’s in Glasgow and further afield with a range of affordable insight solutions.

Nowhere is this more evident than with the Customer Survey Review Service.

Never again feel unable to run customer research projects because finance is an issue. Red Pill’s Customer Survey Review Service (CSRS) directly caters to individual entrepreneurs and small firms seeking the right balance between cost control and project ownership; a segment neglected by mainstream marketing research companies.

The CSRS appeals to SME’s already taking the first step by designing a customer survey but wanting to ensure it’s fit for purpose before sending it out. By having your customer survey reviewed by Red Pill BEFORE you send it to customers, you’ll not only be reassured that you’re asking your customers the right questions the right way, but also be able to progress with confidence to the next stage.

Red Pill’s Customer Survey Review Service really is as simple and straightforward as it sounds. You send over your draft questionnaire and it gets reviewed and sent back to you.

Stage 1:
Red Pill receives your MS Word file (.doc / .docx format) which includes:-

  • Survey research objectives
  • Specific information needs
  • Drafted survey
  • Additional information (such as key background information, considerations, how the survey is being conducted – face-to-face, paper, online, telephone etc. – intended end uses of survey findings etc.)
  • Full Contact details

Upon receipt, Red Pill will confirm pricing and task duration.
(Price from £395, assuming full day work.)

Stage 2:
Having received client payment, Red Pill gets to work reviewing your survey. This includes the following areas:-

  • Survey Structure / length
  • Question order
  • Question phrasing
  • Response options
  • Accompanying text
  • Recommended questions to include / exclude (NOTE: This should NOT be taken to mean specific questionnaire development)

Corrections and suggestions will be highlighted in the same document and returned back to you.

As you can see, the Customer Survey Review Service is a hassle-free way for you to receive the green light for your survey that you’ve designed in-house (possibly using the hints and tips provided here) without the huge price tag associated with survey development. With the CSRS you can do most of the work in-house, thus keeping control of costs, but still benefit from it being professionally reviewed for you to move forward with. The best of both worlds? You’d think so, really.

Have you got a survey ready to be reviewed by Red Pill ? Get in touch now!
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