Let’s not pull any punches. Lack of sales will KILL your business. It IS that simple.

Your business need sales to survive. You have to forge relationships with prospects, turning them into satisfied customers who make repeat purchases – not only of the same products or service but additional offerings too. Your customers must be sufficiently satisfied and loyal so they subsequently recommend you to others, thereby nurturing new customer relationships.

Put simply:-
No customers = no sales
No sales = no business
No business = no livelihood / food on the table

Warning! Company Dangers Ahead! Lost customer revenue, Decreased share of wallet, Disengaged customers, Brand apathy, Smaller profits. Take avoiding action NOW!

So, what’s the key ingredient for your own business success story? Knowing your customers. Finding out what’s required to keep them satisfied and loyal. Identifying problem areas and profit opportunities. Using customer insight to make your marketing decisions with increased confidence.

Only from knowing what your customers (and prospects and lapsed customers) want will you be in a position to make more money from attracting new customers (even better if they’re your rivals’!), or from getting your current clients to buy more from you, and more often.

Remember: your business revolves around your customers and their perception of you and what you’re selling. It’s not rocket science but simple common sense. As direct telepathic links between companies and customers aren’t available (and not expected anytime soon!) you’ll need to find out another way. Just ask them!

Asking might be difficult, but it’s always better making decisions based on something more substantial than a hunch or a rumbling stomach. Maybe the “don’t ask, don’t get” mindset strikes fear into you. Perhaps you were told by your parents it was rude. Guess what: it’s NOT rude to ask. Doing so politely is absolutely fine. In fact, your customers will be thankful for it.

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