It’s All About You

In direct contrast to the vast majority of marketing services agencies who don’t bother acknowledging their target audience, communicating how their wares are relevant, or take the time to understand their needs / pain points, Red Pill will happily do so.

You’re here because you’re interested in improving your revenue and profitability by understanding your customers more. Perhaps you’ve used an insight agency before. Or maybe you’re taking your first exploratory steps. Either way, you’re welcomed here and sincerely hope you now have the information – and inspiration – for you to take action to get closer to your customers – and their opinions. Naturally, we’d be delighted if you ask us to help you on your journey.

We understand the position you’re in and really want to help your business go from strength to strength. That’s a promise. In fact it’s almost in our DNA.

In further contrast to other agencies, we’ll listen – and listen well – to what’s on your mind and the issues you’re facing. In return you’ll be asked the questions that need asking (we’d be awful at our job if we didn’t).

As for the people we love to see succeed, see if you recognise yourself from the following:-

  • Marketing director of an established medium-sized company
    You’ve got some marketing headcount reporting to you with each person responsible for key areas but lacking an in-house research/insight resource that could help each of them. You ‘get’ the need for insight into your brand perceptions and equity, and other aspects of your marketing and communications mix. You’ll also appreciate the need for satisfaction metrics that can be regularly reported to the Board and ensure that the voice of the customer is being heard at the highest levels.
  • The sole marketing ‘juggler’ in a growing SME.
    One day you’re writing a news release and arranging a photocall, the next you’re updating the company’s various social media accounts. And the other days in your working week will probably be a mish-mash of customer communications, promotions planning and all the rest. But you’re also patently aware that you need to understand what your customers are thinking. How satisfied are they with your offerings? What opportunities are there for increasing revenue from them? How do they perceive your brand? Are your marketing campaigns actually making an impact? These are things you can’t survive without. Whilst budget might be a bit more flexible perhaps you need to convince your MD or Finance Director to free up the funds to appoint an agency like Red Pill. Here’s a good place to start! [link to red pill / blue pill]
  • The newly established entrepreneur
    You’ve probably been working all the hours in the world to get your company up and running. And it’s not just marketing you’ve got to contend with. It’s the actual running of the company and everything else that entails. But now you need to get a handle on what’s working, what’s not and what’s going on in your customers’ minds about you and your wares. You won’t have the time – or the energy – to learn how to run good, solid customer research programmes off the bat, so you’ll be entrusting this to someone else. That said, like many new businesses, you probably don’t have the biggest marketing budget available so some compromises may have to be made. That’s understandable and we’re happy to discuss the options with you.

How can you make more money?

  • Attracting more customers
  • Getting your current customers to buy more from you, and more often
  • Introducing new product/service lines and if necessary improve existing ones

In short, if you can see how invaluable good customer research and insight is to your company’s fortunes, Red Pill is the agency you need to be talking with. Get in touch today for a friendly chat.

See reality…through your customers. Take the Red Pill