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Red Pill and You

If you want to discuss how to increase your sales through improved customer insight, you won’t be subjected to the ‘Aren’t We Wonderful’ fluff often dished up by marketing agencies.


While they are more concerned about themselves and pretend to listen to you (hence the false ears) Red Pill is much more concerned about shutting up and letting YOU speak. Aside from asking some questions, you talk and Red Pill listens. That way, the real issues and pain points affecting you are clearly understood.

Besides, you’ll have done your due diligence on Red Pill before you got in touch. You’ll have visited the website (probably a few times), viewed discussions on LinkedIn and the company page there, and possibly read some tweets too. That means no trumpet-blowing once we’re in the same room. Refreshing, isn’t it?

This mindset continues once you’ve engaged Red Pill on your customer insight project. An effective client relationship is achieved through:-

  • Ease of contact
    There’s no army of gatekeepers and bamboozling hierarchical structures. Whoever you need to speak to, you can do so. Easily.
  • Mutual respect
    Red Pill Insight & Marketing firmly believes that common courtesy, civility, and respect have a big place in business. Like any successful relationship, there’s no place for temper tantrums or prima donna antics. And nor will they be tolerated.
  • Consultative approach
    When you engage Red Pill on a project it’s perhaps best to think of it as gaining a partner in crime: someone you can bounce ideas off and discuss key issues with. Do you have other agencies helping you? No problem: Red Pill will slot in as necessary and work alongside them.
  • Communication
    The better the communication, the less chance of costly misinterpretations. Significant emphasis is placed upon establishing the exact project scope and parameters. In short, ensuring everyone’s reading from the same sheet before fieldwork begins. And that generally means smiles all round!
  • Field updates and specification changes
    When your project is live you’ll receive regular progress updates. We can also offer a ‘red flag’ service whereby respondents’ concerns – with their permission – can be forwarded directly to you to respond to promptly. Although research programmes are carefully planned, occasions can arise when additional resources or changes must be made. Samples may need boosting to meet time lines or to increase respondent numbers in hard to reach segments, for example. Whatever the circumstance, you’ll be notified promptly. If it becomes apparent that additional resources are required (sample, interviewers or moderators etc), you’ll be informed immediately. No action will be taken until you decide what you want done.
  • Adherence to professional standards
    Data protection principles are adhered to and research is largely conducted in strict adherence to the UK Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

Whilst Red Pill is committed to helping businesses make the most of customer research and insight, services will not be provided to firms in the tobacco and banking sectors.

Reassured that Red Pill is the right one for you? You know what to do: call or email today!

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