What You Need

Red Pill wants you to maximise your sales – and your profits – by asking your customers the right questions in the right way, and acting on the insight generated.

What things should you be asking about? Whilst the list could theoretically go on and on and on, practicalities are the order of the day here at Red Pill and hopefully in your company too! We’d wager the following will surely appear towards the top of your hit-list.

The next thing to consider is what kind of information you need from it. Are you seeking exploratory insight into your customers’ thoughts and opinions on a range of issues and seeking the lie of the land and depth of understanding ? Click here for our qualitative services

Or are you looking for “8-out-of-10 cats prefer it” statistical data? If so then it’s quantitative research you need.

Of course, depending on your requirements, both qual and quant elements may be required. That’s no problem either.

In fact if you’re rather new to the whole thing, fear not. Come back soon to download our free guide to the customer research process.

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