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Like many decisions in your business and personal life, it often comes down to time and money. Red Pill realizes client needs differ from one to the next. With this is mind, there are a number of customer research solutions available to you, providing flexibility and the best fit for your business requirements and cost parameters.


Survey Review Service
Ideal for the budget conscious SME (small- and medium-sized enterprise) managing an in-house customer research project but wanting the confidence and reassurance to move forward. Red Pill will examine your draft questionnaire, highlighting any errors and suggesting improvements. Online survey testing can also be provided. A great ‘safety net’ for those new to customer research or smaller companies requiring a seasoned second pair of eyes to look over questionnaire work before taking it to the next step. LEARN MORE

Survey Design: Standard
Ideal for SME’s requiring a comprehensive pre-written survey that’s ready to be utilised in an online survey application, and re-used whenever needed. Survey file includes full questions, response options, body text, and question type details. A comprehensive ‘barometer’ survey providing an excellent overall view of your brand and company’s performance. Survey areas include:-

  • Purchase rationale and frequency
  • Brand recall
  • Brand perception
  • Overall satisfaction / satisfaction with key service aspects
  • Importance of key service aspects
  • Willingness to recommend
  • Complaint handling
  • Attitudinal statements
  • Classification questions: Age group, Geographic Region, Relationship/Family status, Employment Status.

Inserting and uploading survey text into online survey applications (such as Survey Monkey) can also be provided (additional cost).

Survey Design: Custom
If you have your own specific customer research requirements, Red Pill will work with you to produce your own custom quantitative survey. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is to get in touch. After initial discussion and agreeing your research objectives and specific information needs, Red Pill will get to work on producing your online survey. Once approved, it can also be uploaded to your choice of online survey application.

Project Management
Red Pill can assist with full start-to-finish research project management, performing all necessary steps to ensure your customer research project runs smoothly. Services include customer database consulting, survey email / reminder email drafting and sending, online survey uploading and testing, client response updates, and ‘red flag’ monitoring. Initial data checking can also be conducted once your survey has closed.

Data Analysis and Reporting
Let Red Pill analyse your survey data with the skill and expertise expected of a professional marketing research consultancy. Clients can choose from a variety of analysis options and additional requests. Digest the survey findings in a number of ways: data tables, written reports, slidedocs, charting, face-to-face presentations, and infographics for example, to ensure your survey is absorbed to maximum effect.

Post-Survey Marketing
Never let survey findings gather dust: act on them! Assemble your troops to discuss and map out your future activities based on your new customer insight. Red Pill can facilitate group action planning sessions and workshops to enable you to successfully plan and prioritise accordingly. Remember too that your survey findings can make great content marketing material. Red Pill can assist you with article writing, infographic, and news release duties.

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH SERVICES     Whether conducted before a structured survey, or afterwards to explore survey findings in more detail, Red Pill offers a number of qualitative solutions, including focus groups (online or face-to-face), individual depth-interviewing (online, telephone, or face-to-face), observation and mystery shopping.

It’s really important that you have given sufficient thought to how much you can realistically spend on customer research. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it prevents Finance Directors getting their knickers in a twist when suddenly faced with an invoice. But it also gives a much clearer idea of what’s achievable.

There’s no point proposing a research programme with various bells and whistles when the budget available is a fraction of the amount required. It wastes time for all concerned. Available budget can influence data collection methods or the amount of analysis available, for example. If however the budget is known from the outset then something can be proposed which will give you the best bang for the buck, given the parameters.

Tight budget?
It’s understandable – especially if you’re a new business or a solo entrepreneur – to try and do everything in-house to save you money (even at the expense of time). Generally that’s a good thing in business. But if you’re inexperienced in designing customer surveys it’s strongly urged that you do at least get the survey professionally designed. At the very least, get someone to review it with you.

If you’re going to spending considerable amount of time managing the survey, doing the fieldwork and then interpreting and analysing the data, your survey had better be worth it in the first place. Wrongly phrased or designed questions can easily result in misleading and downright inaccurate data coming out the other end. It’s your business: is it really worth ‘saving’ project costs if the outcomes are inaccurate and potentially sending you off in the wrong direction due to poor survey design?

It’s your project – so you should have an idea about what you want, right?

Download the Red Pill project checklist form [coming soon]. It will help you answer the questions you need to consider at the outset. In doing so, your completed answers will also speed up the subsequent project scoping and pricing process. Again, win-win all round!

Once you’ve done that, get in touch! Email or call Red Pill today!

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